Press Start

Welcome to my little experiment in game development.


For the remainder of this blog, each post will be a completely functional playable game.

It might not be pretty at first. But with time, and your feedback, I bet you come across a game you enjoy.


Video games are the reason I got into development over 20 years ago. Game development has tremendous breadth, including mathematics, physics, biology, psychology, economics, design, user experience, artificial intelligence, and (of course) programming. There are also countless engineering problems just waiting to carve you into a better programmer no matter how much experience you already have.

More personally, I was deeply involved with the visual arts throughout my early life. Drawing, sketching, painting, sculpting. Aside from a few one-off projects, I've haven't dedicated any time to pursuing art since college.

This blog is my modern-day art outlet.

Will you accompany me?

This experiment won't be special without you. You will help shape what this ultimately looks like.

If you can, share with me what you enjoyed and what you think needs improving. Leave a comment, or subscribe below to reply directly when a new game is posted. (Only about 1-2 games will be posted per month, so emails will be infrequent.)

After I get the hang of this, I'll introduce more collaborative interactions so you too can casually participate in this adventure. (Also, if you're a developer, ping me about guest posting.)

Are you ready?


Go ahead. Press it :-)

P.S. I wouldn't be where I am today without the generosity of other programmers. As a small attempt to give back to the comminity, the source code to every game will be published on GitHub.

P.P.S. I'll also be writing an accompanying game development blog with tutorials, design tips, and solutions to problems I face along the way.